Are your pre-requisite programmes being properly supported?

Mariane Hodgkinson, hygiene specialist at Hillbrush looks at the challenges of implementing PRP programmes in food and beverage manufacture.

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Hillbrush invests in design with new appointment

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools has appointed experienced Product Design Engineer David Lintern to lead the company’s new product development...

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Hillbrush appoints food manufacturing operations hygiene expert

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools for the food industry has appointed Mariane Hodgkinson, an expert in food safety and hygienic manufacturing design...

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Cleaning Interactive 2020

It is a strange new world that we are living in currently, both in terms of our personal lives and at work. Whilst we are being restricted to groups of 6, asked to maintain social distancing and...

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Flagged Fibres - To Use or Not To Use?

Flagged fibres are generally considered to have good sweeping abilities for fine particles, but it is worth considering how they are manufactured and what that means for their intended use in the...

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Welcome Tim OBrien

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushes and specialist hygienic cleaning tools, has appointed Tim O’Brien as Business Development Manager to further develop its business in the USA....

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Salmon or Hillbrush? A Little Bit of Brand History

Hillbrush was founded in 1922 by Fred and Bill Coward. They called their business ‘The Hill Brush Company’, because it was located at the base of the distinctive Castle Hill you will see if you...

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What has COVID-19 taught us so far?

If the global COVID-19 pandemic spreading across our world right now has taught us anything, it's that good personal and environmental hygiene and a deeper understanding of cleaning procedures is...

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Good Practice Free Downloads - We're Here to Help!

If you are a key worker and still going into work to help keep people safe and the country running, we thank and applaud you for all your efforts during this difficult and uncertain time.

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BMV Award Winners 2019

We are very proud to announce that Hillbrush has won the coveted 'Large Business of the Year' award at the Blackmore Vale Business Awards.

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